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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Student Anthropologist - Call for Papers and Peer Reviewers

*Student Anthropologist*

The Journal of the National Association of Student Anthropologists

*Call for Papers and Peer Reviewers: Submission Deadline January 14, 2013*

*Student Anthropologist *is the flagship peer-reviewed journal of the
National Association of Student Anthropologists (the largest organization
of anthropologist students in the world). It is an annual digital
publication. Students from all levels and disciplines are encouraged to

*Aim and Scope*

With each issue, *Student Anthropologist *will explore thematic areas and
new directions in anthropology from the perspective of the best young
anthropologists. We seek a plurality of voices from all subfields in each
issue. *Student Anthropologist *welcomes not only original research
addressing anthropological issues and problems but also submissions that
explore how anthropological skills, ideas, and ethnography can have an
impact on contemporary social issues.

* *

We seek scholarly submissions from undergraduate and graduate students
worldwide, in particular those emphasizing anthropology's capacity to shape
public issues, social problems, and global realities. These submissions
should contain *original research*.

The two types of submissions accepted include:

*1. Scholarly articles*: under 6,000 words in length, subject to a peer
review process.

*2. Commentary submissions*: opinion or theory pieces that are the
original work of the author. Commentary submissions might include such
mediums as written pieces (approx. 2,000 words in length), photo essays (10
photos + 1,000 words of commentary in length) and videos/YouTube© clips
(10-minute maximum in duration + 1,000 words of commentary in length).

*Student Anthropologist *not only aims to publish excellent student
research but also to provide an avenue for professionalization for students
to become involved in journal processes. Students act as peer reviewers and
editors. Please email ** if you would like to act as
a peer reviewer or get involved with other journal production opportunities.

* *

*Submission Guidelines*

Any student currently enrolled in a BA, MA, or PhD program is welcome to
submit original research to be considered for publication. While this is
an anthropology journal, students do not need to be enrolled in an
anthropology program.

* *

All submissions should include two separate documents:

1. A cover sheet containing the author's name, contact information,
paper title, student status and affiliation, and acknowledgments.

2. The manuscript should not have any identifying information; review
is double-blind. The document should be: double spaced and adhere to AAA
style. Please save the document with your last name as the document name.
Please also include:

1. A 250 word abstract

2. Three Keywords

Send submissions, as well as any questions, to the Editor, Jessica Hardin
and Laura Thompson, Peer Review Editor, at

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