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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

CFP: Edited Volume(s) on International Anthropology of the United States

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Call for Papers - Edited volume(s) on the International Anthropology of
the U.S.


​We are working to publish an edited volume (or even volumes) on the
anthropology of the U.S. and are looking for possible inclusions.


​For several years now, a group of anthropologists located outside
the US have come
together with US-based anthropologists to share and discuss their field work
experiences and research - their study of and in the US. In their effort to
cultivate "the development of a different kind of international
scholarship on the
United States, one that truly decenters U.S. scholarship while challenging
it with
new formulations, new questions, and new critiques" ("Rethinking American
Studies in
a Critical Internationalism," American Quarterly 1996:484), Virginia
Dominguez and
Jane Desmond, co-founded the International Forum for US Studies (IFUSS)
from which
has emerged the "international anthropology of the United States." For
information about IFUSS, please check the website:<>

&#8203;In our effort to "reconceive of the U.S., or the more metaphorical
'America,' as a
complex imaginary" ("Towards a prismatic 'American Studies'," Safundi
2007:8) we
have gathered together research ranging from the study of the media and
politics to
migration, dance and performance, sexual identity, activism, and the
practices of
everyday life. In our work, "'America' is not a thing, a place, an idea,
or a
political 'entity.' It is, rather, all of these and the multiple and
ways in which it is imagined, i.e., called into being, named, understood,
produced, used, and experienced by individuals, groups, and states around
the world"

&#8203;To date, those directly engaged in these conversations are
professors Helena Wulff
(Sweden), Ulf Hannerz (Sweden), Moshe Shokeid (Israel), Jasmin Habib
(Canada), and
Keiko Ikeda (Japan). While the range of the research is wide,
surprisingly little
attention has been focused on the study of the US by those located outside
borders. In this call for papers, we seek to fill that gap by bringing to
focus empirical as well as theoretical implications for anthropological
research and


&#8203;If you have conducted anthropological fieldwork in the US, and you
are interested
in contributing to a one- or two- volume publication on the international
anthropology of the US, please send us an electronic copy of your 25-30 page
double-spaced paper by February 1, 2012. All papers should be sent to
Jasmin Habib
at<> and Virginia Dominguez at<>

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