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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Urban South Pacific: CFP for CASCA 2013

CFP for CASCA 2013

The urban South Pacific: new issues, new perspectives.

The urban South Pacific is a not a common territory in anthropology.
Cities in Australia and New Zealand face challenges seen elsewhere;
population increases, mobility issues, a rapid aging population, and
increasingly dense centers. But the urban South Pacific has challenges of
its own (Aboriginal relations, climate change, freshwater shortage, and
regional city growth, among other things) that are dealt with in a very
unique way with consideration to the historical context and environment
(city governance, corporate involvement in city planning, role in the
Pacific Rim, etc.). We wish to explore and underline the complexity of
various urban themes, such as Aboriginal issues, neoliberalism,
interactions in public spaces, new ways of being, governance, and
immigration. This session aims at reuniting works on contemporary topics
related to Southern Pacific urbanites, and to contribute to enlarging our
urban anthropology research and perspective.

Please submit 250 word abstracts and contact information to Nathalie
Boucher at<>
by 25 February 2013.

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