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Friday, February 8, 2013

CAG 2013 - CFP: Feminist Approaches to Health and Health Care

*CAG 2013, St John's, Newfoundland, August 11-13*

*Call for Papers: Feminist Approaches to Health and Health Care*

This session explores feminist approaches to the political, economic,
social, and cultural aspects of health and health care. From recent reforms
to insurance in the US to reforms to health care access in Canada to
austerity measures across Europe, health care in the West is being
dramatically reshaped. Each of these reforms raises questions about who can
access health care, who has the right to health and health care, and who
will deliver – and pay for – this care. These moves question the role of
the state, the community, and the family in an individual's health as well
as public health. Additionally, they raise new questions about the
gendering and value of health, health care labour, and access to services.

This session invites papers that employ a feminist approach to critically
examine the geographies of the social, political, economic, and cultural
processes that shape health and health care. Potential topics include
access, neoliberalism and reform, labour and health (care), migration of
health care workers, privatization of health care, ethics and human rights
in health care, the politics of social reproduction and health.

Please submit paper titles and abstracts of up to 250 words to Caitlin
Henry ( by March 1st.

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