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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Last call for "Disruption" at CASCA 2013

Please contact me by Wednesday if you wish to join in!

CFP: CASCA 2013: "Disruption"

Breaches of the familiar. We all experience them. Some of us cause them. A
protest blockade of a road on the way to work makes us late. A sickness
knocks us out of commission for days. A disaster forces us to evacuate our
homes and communities. We join a protest that occupies a shopping mall for
a few hours. A Tri-Council declares our research to be no longer fundable
under its mandate. The papers in this panel explore the experience of
disruption in all its dimensions, the many ways in which breaches of the
familiar create points of tension that explode into our subjective and
intersubjective lives. While we take as a starting point Gay Becker's
"Disrupted Lives: How People Create Meaning in a Chaotic World," which
highlights the cultural more so than psychological experience of
disruption, we also bring back into the discussion recent work in the
anthropology of experience that creates space for a person-centered
psychological and affective understanding of the meaning and experience of

If interested in joining this session please contact Jim Waldram at

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