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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Field & Summer Schools 2013

5 opportunities:

1. Adelphi Archaeological & Ethnographic Field Schools
The Adelphi University Dept. of Anthropology welcomes applications from
grad and undergrad students interested in Anthropology or related
disciplines to join one of four 2013 archaeological and ethnographic field
school opportunities in Alaska, Peru, and Crete. Project dates and brief
summaries are provided below including two new course offerings in Alaska
and Peru. Email the program director or visit our website
( additional
information on these and other programs.

Adelphi in Alaska I
Field and Lab Techniques in Archaeology, Trapper Creek, Alaska
ANT 333.001 (June 4–June 30, 2013)
Adelphi in Alaska II –NEW!
Field and Lab Techniques in Archaeology, Tanana Valley, Alaska
ANT 733.001 (July 10-July 30, 2013)

For both Alaska programs, students will participate in an ongoing research
program, experience unspoiled Alaska wilderness, acquire important
technological skills using state-of-the-art field based research
technologies, and learn the fundamentals of archaeological field methods
including excavation and survey. Backcountry hiking and remote camping are
required. A love of dirt is mandatory. For more info about archaeology in
Alaska, contact Professor Wygal at or 516.877.4111.

Adelphi in Peru: People and Cultures of Peru-An Exploration of Humans and
the Environment-NEW!
ANT 390 (July 1-21, 2013)
This course travels from the picturesque peaks of Peru's Andes Mountains
and the lost city of Machu Picchu to its lowland Amazon rainforests, the
last place where uncontacted humans live outside of civilization. Students
will experience ancient indigenous rituals, hunt exotic medicinal plants
in the Amazon rainforest, and work with conservation projects for rare and
endangered animals. Peru's diverse cultures are explored from historic to
modern perspectives, from archeological ruins of past civilizations to the
modern-day realities of Peruvian indigenous and Western cultures. Peru's
beautiful and diverse natural environments will take a front seat as we
explore how humans interact with and impact the environment of Peru's
lowland rainforests and mountain highlands. For more info, contact
Professor Douglas London at

Adelphi in Crete: Summer Field Season at Orthi Petra Burial Ground in
Eeutherna, Rethymnon-Crete, Greece
ANT 333.002/733.002 (June 25–July 14, 2013)
The project focuses on archaeological anthropology involving the
excavation, recovery, and study of human skeletal remains at the burial
ground of Orthi Petra, as well as technical field/lab drawing tutorials in
archaeology and physical anthropology. Human ecology and the dynamics of
village and city life are studied, local cuisine is sampled, museums and
archaeological sites from Minoan to Medieval periods are visited, and
cultural events in the city of Rethymnon may be attended. For more info,
contact Professor Agelarakis at

2. Archaeological Field School in Israel: Tel es-Safi/Gath Archaeological
Project - June 30 – July 26, 2013
This University of Manitoba travel/study course is designed to provide
students with the opportunity to gain academic knowledge in the
Archaeology of Israel and practical experience in the recovery and
analysis of the material remains of an ancient culture. Further info at

3. Urban Conflict and Contact Zones
Summer School at Humboldt University, Berlin Multiplicities is running a
Summer School at Humboldt University Berlin between 17th and 28th of June
2013. The overall aim of the summer school is to develop an analytical and
a problem-solving perspective on urban conflict and contact zones. In an
interdisciplinary approach we are capitalizing from urban studies and
design studies methodologies and theories. The course will be hosted
directly in this neighborhood at the Supermarkt: In the heart of the
Brunnenviertel, just behind the border that divides Berlin-Mitte from
Wedding. The Team of the Supermarkt has created a new space for events,
workshops and the trade with ideas & services. Since February 2012, the
Supermarkt is the new creative resource center for northern Brunnenstraße
and beyond. For further info see

4. The Politics of Citizenship Summer Course, Central European U.
The Nationalism Studies Program at Central European University is pleased
to announce its call for applications for the summer course The Politics
of Citizenship. Application deadline: 28 February, 2013 Applications are
invited from MA students, PhD students, researchers, and junior faculty.
Undergraduates without a university degree will not be considered. Course
dates: 8 July - 19 July, 2013
Further info:

5. Kualoa Archaeological Field School, University of Hawai'i
June 17-July 12, 2013
This archaeological field school will feature a regional research design
integrating remote sensing, geographic information systems, geophysical
techniques, survey, mapping, excavations, and analyses of faunal,
artifactual, and other materials. Students will participate in this range
of data acquisition and learn a breadth of skills essential to
cutting-edge field research. In addition to fieldwork, the summer program
includes lectures, field trips, and laboratories. Students will learn
about Polynesian and Hawaiian archaeology as well as related issues in the
natural sciences and environmental history of Pacific Islands.
Application guidelines and forms are available on our website. The
application deadline is April 19, and may be extended if any places remain

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