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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Student Anthropologist - Call for Book Reviews

*Student Anthropologist* is pleased to release its call for book reviews
for its next issue. Introduced in 2012, the book review section has seen
student anthropologists showing their sharp analytical skills and their
strong ability to engage with recently published work. In our next issue,
we are committed to continuing publishing high quality manuscripts.

Please find our call for book reviews below. As a journal by and for
student anthropologists, we are particularly interested in reviewing books
with strong pedagogical value. We encourage you to submit titles of texts
that foster reflection and discussion on the different facets of the work
of anthropologist.

For any questions or to send submissions, please contact the Editor,
Jessica Hardin and Fabienne Labbé, Book Review Editor, at

Thank you.

Student Anthropogist


Call for Book Reviews
Student Anthropologist is the flagship peer-reviewed journal of the
National Association
of Student Anthropologists (the largest organization of anthropologist
students in the
world). It is an annual digital publication. Students from all levels and
disciplines are
encouraged to contribute.
Aim and scope
With each issue, Student Anthropologist will explore thematic areas and
new directions
in anthropology from the perspective of the best young anthropologists. We
seek a
plurality of voices from all subfields in each issue. Student
Anthropologist welcomes not
only original research addressing anthropological issues and problems but
submissions which explore how anthropological skills, ideas, and
ethnography can have
an impact on contemporary social issues.
We are currently seeking submissions for our book review section. The
journal accepts
volunteered book reviews. The Editor will also contact promising students
inviting them to contribute a manuscript.
Student Anthropologist is interested in three types of book reviews:
1. book reviews of current award winning anthropology texts, including
those of AAA
section award winners ;
2. book reviews of recently published ethnographies (within the past three
edited volumes or other texts, which possess particularly useful pedagogical
qualities ;
3. reviews of two or three recently published books (within the past five
years) focusing
on a particular topic (i.e. well-being, kinship, etc.).
We request that you summarize the text or offer a description of the
content, thesis or
work overview. Please remember that reading your book review should allow
the readers
to have a fair idea of what the book is actually about. However, do not
limit yourself to
writing a simple book report. We expect you to provide a critical
assessment of the text
and to offer substantive commentary on, for example, the quality of the
methodology, writing style, relevance, innovation, and connection to other
work. Please do refrain from a discussion of the author, unless it is
critical to the
material. As a journal for and by students, Student Anthropologist is also
concerned with the pedagogical value of books. We encourage you to comment
on the
pedagogical qualities of the text. Why is reading this book important for
students? What courses or level of students would benefit from reading it?
When writing your review, we also request that you consider the following
• Please remember that a book review is an organized argument not a simple
of points.
• When reviewing an edited volume, do not feel that you must write about,
or even
mention, every chapter. Instead describe the overall focus of the volume,
pick a few
significant contributions and discuss those in detail.
• Be specific. Avoid vague affirmations.
• Avoid general statements. Instead of saying that the reviewed book is,
for example,
innovative, explain why it is so.
• Reviews should not require notes. Avoid lengthy quotations and minimize
references. If you do cite the work of others in the review, use the
format author, date,
• Book review manuscripts must be 800-1000 words long. Book reviews
falling beyond
or exceeding this length will be returned to their authors without being
Manuscripts should follow the 2009 AAA Style Guide (which is available at
http://, be in 12-point font,
double-spaced, with
one-inch margin on all sides. Please save the manuscript as a Word
document (.doc
The editors reserve the right to reject or return for revision any
submitted material on the
grounds of inappropriate subject matter, quality, length, or nonconformity
with the AAA
style guide.
Submission Guidelines
If you are interested in writing a book review please contact the Student
Editor, Jessica Hardin and Fabienne Labbé ( with
the title of
the book you wish to review, a brief description of why you are an
appropriate reviewer
and a sample of writing showing your writing skills. Authors will be
provided copies of
books to be reviewed through the generous support of the Department of
at Brandeis University. We expect book reviews to be submitted within 6
weeks of
receiving the book.
Publishers are invited to send review copies to the address below. The
Anthropologist Editor would also consider suggestions for works to be
reviewed in future
Contact details:
Jessica Hardin
Student Anthropologist Book Reviews
Department of Anthropology
Brandeis University
415 South Street, MS 006
Waltham, MA 02453

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