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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Reminder: Frucht Student Conference Submissions - deadline approaching

With the deadline for submissions for the University of Alberta's 2013
Frucht Student Conference quickly approaching, this is a gentle reminder
for undergraduate and graduate students to submit their information and/or
abstracts to by *February 1. *This conference, focusing
on visual anthropology, provides an excellent opportunity for students to
gain presentation experience (a great addition to CV's) and networking
within a casual, supportive environment. Participation is *FREE* and will
allow students from a variety of disciplines to share their ideas and work.
Our guest of honor, Dr. Faye Ginsburg's work provides a dynamic foundation
for this conference, with interests including ethnographic film, media,
social movements, indigenous studies, gender and representation and
disability studies.
Although submission this Friday, presentations will not be until *February
28th and March 1st*, giving students ample time to prepare. The following
is a summary of possible submissions:
1) *Paper* - Please submit a 250 word abstract.
2) *Poster* - Please submit name, topic and department.
3) *Film and Media* - Please submit name, topic and department/affiliation.
4)* Pecha Kucha* - Please submit name, topic and department.
5) *Quiz Bowl* - Please submit team member names (3 people to a team) and
For more information, please visit our website at
We look forward to seeing you there!
2013 Frucht Organizing Committee

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