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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2013 Frucht Student Conference Call for Papers

Association of Graduate Anthropology Students?

21st Annual Richard Frucht Memorial Lecture Series


2013 Student Conference

CALL for



University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta

February 27th to March 1st, 2013

The University of Alberta?s Association of Graduate Anthropology
Students (AGAS) is hosting its 21st Annual Richard Frucht Memorial
Lecture Series named in honour of our esteemed professor, Dr. Richard
Frucht (1958-1980). This lecture series is a major annual event in our
Anthropology Department: it began in 1993 and since 2005 it has
accompanied our Student Conference.

We have the honour and privilege to announce that our Frucht Speaker
for 2013 is Dr. Faye Ginsburg, Department of Anthropology, New York
University. Dr. Ginsburg is one of the leading social and visual
anthropologists in North America, an acknowledged expert in
ethnographic film, ethnography of media, indigenous media, social
movements in the United States, gender and representation, and
disability studies.

The sub-field for the 2013 Lecture Series is sociocultural
anthropology with a specific focus on visual anthropology.

Visual anthropologists use ethnographic film, photography, digital
media, and visual representation to seek understanding of culture,
society, and human diversity.

Although our Student Conference orients around each of the four
anthropology sub-disciplines and centres on anthropology undergraduate
and graduate students, it is an open conference to undergraduate and
graduate students from other disciplines who are interested in
participating and whose interests have an anthropological relevancy.

We are looking for students to present a paper and/or poster, and film
and media. In addition, we are looking for students to participate in
a Pecha Kucha night and an anthropology themed Student Quiz Bowl.
Please see the following page for conference presentation guidelines
and event details.

Student Conference: Thursday February 28th and Friday March 1st, 2013

Frucht Public Lecture: Wednesday February 27th, 2013

Frucht Department Lecture: Friday March 1st, 2013

Conference attendance and participation is free. Frucht Memorial
Lectures are free.

Submit a 250-word abstract by February 1, 2013 to
We will send an email to confirm acceptance of an abstract by February
8, 2013.

Please direct questions and interests to the Frucht 2013 Organizing
Committee at

Dr. Ginsburg?s website:

Frucht website

Conference Presentation Guidelines

Prizes awarded to the winning presentation in each category, except
film and media.


? 15 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for questions.


? No larger than 48 x 36 inches

Film and Media

? Films made by or about anthropologists in all four sub-fields

? Films made in collaboration with local participants

? Experimental films, multimedia, websites, photo-essays

? No time frame

Pecha Kucha Night:

· Please submit name, title, and department; abstract not
required. We will contact you by email.

? This is an informal and fun event where you share your ideas,
work, and thoughts about anthropology in a simple presentation format
of 20 images that advance automatically each 20 seconds and you talk
along to the images.

Inaugural Student Quiz Bowl:

· Please submit as a 3-member team; total of six teams, or
more, depending on interest

? Goal: to provide an exciting opportunity for student
collegiality and friendly competition, to enhance knowledge of
anthropology, and to highlight the strong Department of Anthropology
at the University of Alberta.

? This is an informal and friendly event for students to
challenge their knowledge in anthropology.

? Our expectation is that the majority of teams and members
will be anthropology students, however we are also accepting
non-anthropology teams, so if you are interested in participating but
do not have a team, please contact us and we will to our best to
arrange a placement.
? Participant teams will be emailed Quiz Bowl rules and sample
questions for preparation.

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