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Monday, April 29, 2013

CFP - Peace and Conflict Studies in Anthropology

4th bi-annual PACSA Conference, Copenhagen 2013 "Crisis and Conflict"
Call for Papers

Copenhagen, Denmark 28-30 August 2013

organized in collaboration with DIGNITY – Danish Institute against Torture
and Global Refugee Studies, Aalborg University

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News on different 'crises' dominate our media; we have the ongoing crisis
in the Middle East and the crisis at the Horn of Africa, not to mention
the global financial crises, and the ecological crises linked to climate
change and devastating natural disasters affecting populations around the
world. How do we conceptualize and understand these different forms of
crisis, and how can a focus on these diverse crises enhance our
anthropological understanding of peace and conflict?
For this PACSA meeting we encourage reflections on what it means to live
in a state of crisis. How may we understand crises? Is it a motor of
change? A catalyst for socio-cultural transformation, or is it merely a
gesture intended to frame the abnormal? How do these discussions then
affect our conceptualizations of peace and conflict, particularly in
situations where crisis is permanent or even normalized?
And finally, what happens when individual perspectives meet systemic views
of peace, crisis, and conflict?

Whichever way we chose to understand crisis, it is clear that it is located
somewhere beyond the homoeostasis of peace, yet prior to the ultimate
turmoil characteristic of conflict. Which are therefore the links between
crisis on one hand, and the prospects for peace as well as the threats of
conflict on the other?
How are these zones delineated towards one another?

For this upcoming PACSA meeting we ask participants to submit abstracts
that explore relations and interconnections between crises on the one hand
and the concepts of conflict, violence and peace on the other. Please
submit an individual abstract or an abstract that fits in with one of the
following proposed panels (max. 300 words) before April 30th 2013 to

Format: the name of document (as separate attachment) should include your
last name

Please clearly state if your submission should be considered for a
specific panel and state which one.

On June 1st the organizing committee will announce the final schedule with
accepted papers, all submitters will be contacted. The deadline for full
papers will be August 1st.

Registration fee will be 125 Euro (including conference dinner). For
students and others with little funding, we hope to be able to offer
financial assistance.

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