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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Promoting your titles at Library of Social Science's 2011 book exhibits

Dear Colleague,

Library of Social Science is the premier company organizing and managing
book exhibits for scholarly conferences. Please see:


We are currently organizing book exhibits for five upcoming 2011
conferences that focus on themes such as multiculturalism, ethnicity,
race, class, gender, politics and economics, education and psychology.

You may have authored books that we would like to exhibit and promote at
these conferences.

Please review the write-ups on the conferences below, and then reply to using the following
abbreviations to tell us at which conferences you would like us to
promote your books:

NAAAS: National Association of African American Studies
NAES: National Association for Ethnic Studies
NMCS: National Multicultural Conference & Summit
PSA: Pacific Sociological Association
TCWR: Teachers College Winter Roundtable

Please provide the title and publisher of each of your books, as well as
your primary contact’s name, email address and telephone number at
each pressâ€"and we’ll take it from there.

We look forward to bringing your books to the attention of the prominent
scholars and researchers who attend these meetings.

Best regards,
Mei Ha Chan
Associate Director
Tel: 718.393.1075 x 1


January 27-28 Seattle, WA

National Multicultural Conference & Summit (NMCS) 2011: “Unification
through Diversity: Bridging Psychological Science & Practice in the
Public Interest”

NMCS convenes scientists, practitioners and educators in psychology and
related fields to inform and inspire multicultural theory, research and
practice. This major biennial meetingâ€"with over 1,000 expected to
attendâ€"addresses pressing social issues and fosters collaboration
among researchers, psychiatrists and counselors to promote the
well-being of historically-marginalized people.

February 14-19 Baton Rouge, LA

National Conference of the National Association of African American
Studies & Affiliates (NAAAS)

NAAAS was founded in 1992 to promote African and African-American
Studies and to train young scholars in these fields. Since then, NAAAS
has been joined by the National Association of Hispanic & Latino
Studies, the National Association of Native American Studies and the
International Association of Asian Studies to become one of the leading
multicultural and ethnic studies societies. At their 2011 conference,
speakers will cover topics ranging from education and social issues,
health and sports, and religion to economics, military studies, history
and literature, science, and special panels on Islamic Studies.

February 25-26 Teachers College, Columbia U.

28th Annual Winter Roundtable on Cultural Psychology and Education
(TCWR): “Privileging Indigenous Voices: Hearing the Wisdom of

The Winter Roundtableâ€"sponsored by Teachers Collegeâ€"is the
longest-running professional education program devoted to studying the
psychological and educational implications of race, ethnicity, class,
gender, sexual orientation and religious affiliation.

March 10-13 Seattle, WA

82nd Annual Meeting of the Pacific Sociological Association (PSA):
“Sociologists as Claims Makers: Turning Theory into Action”

The annual PSA meeting is one of the largest and most popular
sociological conferences, with well over 1,000 people expected to
attend. These prominent scholars are avid book buyers looking for titles
on the full range of Sociology topics.

April 7-9 Claremont Graduate U., Claremont, CA

39th Annual Conference of the National Association for Ethnic Studies
(NAES): “The New Racism: Illusions of Equality and the Assault on
Ethnic Studies”

NAES provides an interdisciplinary forum for scholars and activists
concerned with national and international dimensions of ethnicity, race,
intergroup relations and the cultural life of minorities. This lively
conference will explore how race and ethnicity are characterized in
popular media, education and politics. Among the topics examined:
racialized legislation; racism, gender and sexuality; Obama nation;
profiling; affirmative action; hate groups, race and sports; medicine,
public health and social welfare policy; and post-racial ideology.



Richard Koenigsberg, Ph.D., Director: 718-393-1081
Mei Ha Chan, Associate Director: 718-393-1075
Orion Anderson, Communication Director: 718-393-1104
Hugh Galford, Marketing Manager: 718-393-1104
Richard Klein, On Site Exhibit Manager: 718-393-1075
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