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Thursday, September 16, 2010

BC ethnographies

Hello Colleagues,

I¹ve had a series of blog discussion with Tad McIlwraith as a result of his
call for a list of BC ethnographies (see: ).
What has piqued my curiosity is that all of the ethnographies that have
been listed are about First Nations people.

So, my question to you: Can you suggest ethnographies about British
Columbia that focus on non-aboriginal peoples. I am looking for works that
are clearly anthropological. There are books by sociologists, historians,
geographers, about non-aboriginal peoples. But what I would like to find
are those ethnographies written by anthropologists set in BC, the Yukon, or
Alaska that are not about aboriginal people.

I¹ll post the results on my blog:



Charles R. Menzies, Ph.D
Associate Professor of Anthropology and
Director of the Ethnographic Film Unit at UBC
Department of Anthropology, UBC
6303 NW Marine Drive
Vancouver, BC, V6T 1Z1

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