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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

CASCA2014, CFP - Panel Session Proposal: Travelling in an Uncertain Future

Call for Papers

CASCA (Canadian Anthropology Society/La société canadienne
d'anthropologie) Meeting
"Promising Uncertainties: Unsettling Future of Anthropological Terrain"
April 30 to May 2, 2014
York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Panel Session Proposal: Travelling in an Uncertain Future

Uncertain Futures provokes themes relevant for tourism and its study in
anthropology. We invite proposals for papers that address the
uncertainties, the paradoxes, and the ambiguities that affect received
notions and long-standing practices of tourism in the context of: climate
change; catastrophic weather; environmental disaster; bio-politics and
regulation of border crossing through such things as racial profiling and
body scanning; new forms of non-commercial hospitality (i.e. couch
surfing); critical demographic and population shifts (for example, the
ageing of the 'travel-mad' 'baby boom' generation, the evaporation of the
middle class, or the destabilizing affects of wide-spread youth
unemployment); the limits of new tourism markets and tenacious touristic
desire to 'get there before it is too late'; adventure travel in active
war zones or emergent and ongoing sites of revolution, protest and
uprising; the portend of future global crises, be they economic,
resource-driven, or bio-medical. This list is intended to be suggestive
rather than limiting. Papers that detail either the ethnographic
examination of such scenarios or explore methodological considerations in
light of them are encouraged.

Please send abstracts of no more than 150 words for papers to Susan
Frohlick ( or Julia Harrison
( by February 6, 2014.

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