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Monday, January 20, 2014

CASCA 2014 "Uncertain Sexualities": Call for Paper proposals - Reminder, deadline January 31st

(Reminder, deadline January 31st)

*Call for Papers for Proposed Panel at the Canadian Anthropology Society
2014 Meetings (April 30-May 3, York University, Toronto Canada):

Uncertain Sexualities: Queering the Anthropological Terrain in Canada*

*Panel organizers: *

David AB Murray (York University)

Michael Connors Jackman (York University)

*Abstract: *

This panel explores the shifting terrain of sexualities in Canada from
anthropological perspectives. We are interested in examining
normativizing processes and subversive ruptures through which sexual
identities and practices come to be configured, regulated, named and
transformed. By foregrounding the national and transnational frameworks
that inform ethnographic research on sexuality in Canada, this panel
considers the strengths and limitations of examining desire in relation
to multiple intersecting borders (including but not limited to
geo-political, cultural, ethno-racial, linguistic, classed and
gendered). Possible topics may include:

*Queer futurities and relationships between sexuality and temporality.

*Temporary, precarious life and compressed time frames for becoming queer
or claiming citizenship.

*Relationships between queer past, present, and future in Canada.

*Homonormativities and heternormativities produced through Canadian
security policies, health policies, government practices, and/or public

*The social and legal regulation of desire and sexual practices by the
Canadian government and/or courts.

*How LGBT/queer communities, bodies, and identifies in the past, present
and future are configured with and/or related to productions of
Canadianness and Canadian identity.

*How LGBT/queer communities in Canada invest in the preservation, public
recognition and commemoration of their identities.

*Critical analyses of the anthropology of sexuality in Canada and queer
settler colonialism.

*How transnational politics, economies and migratory flows impact
Canadian queer communities/identities and vice-versa.

*Please e-mail a paper title, abstract (of no more than 150 words),
keywords, and co-authors (if applicable) to David and Michael no later
than January 31, 2014.*

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