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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

CASCA 2014 CFP: Unsettling Species : Methods in Ethnography Beyond the Human - Reminder, deadline January 25th

(Reminder, deadline January 25th)

Unsettling Species : Methods in Ethnography Beyond the Human

'Multispecies', 'inter-species' or 'transspecies' ethnography is gaining
popularity in anthropology but, as it is still emerging, this form of
inquiry is largely undefined. Such uncertainty can make this inquiry seem
outlandish, but it also implies the promising freedom to participate in
the crafting of this burgeoning sub-discipline. Important to this craft
are methods. How does one do multispecies ethnography? Laying out the
blueprints for a reappropriable methodology may help both current
practitioners better understand and communicate their own craft, and
potential practitioners understand how they can conduct such research
themselves. This panel invites presentations that explore fieldwork
experiences, methods, and/or applicable theory of multispecies
ethnography, thereby contributing to anthropology's practical inquiry into
the relational processes that bind humans, beings of other species and the
world we co-inhabit.

Convenors : Julie Laplante, Nicolas Rasiulis, Scott Simon (University of
Ottawa, Department of Sociology and Anthropology)

Interested participants should send abstracts to Nicolas Rasiulis
( before January 25.

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