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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

UN Gender and Climate Alliance - Call for COP19 Gender Submissions

Call for COP19 Gender Submissions -
Conference of Parties (COP)19
From: Manley, Marita GIZ FJ

Dear all,

At COP18 parties to the convention adopted a 'gender decision'.

Decision 23/CP.18: Promoting gender balance and improving the
participation of women in UNFCCC negotiations and in the representation of
Parties in bodies established pursuant to the Convention or the Kyoto

Parties and observer organisations are invited to submit their views by
Sept 2nd on options and ways to advance women's participation and ensure
more effective climate change policy that addresses the needs of women and
men equally. Obviously achieving more balanced representation is just one
aspect of ensuring that the needs and priorities of both men and women are
addressed but it is a first step and has given the topic a bit more of a
profile this year.

It would be great to get to see a number of PICs making submissions on
this topic.

The Global Gender and Climate Alliance are able to provide support on the
topic if countries are interested in making submissions. Please contact
Nathalie Eddy - with any specific requests.

And I'm sure other members of this network may also be able to offer
support and inputs to drafts.

The government of Iceland have already sent in a submission on this topic
and it is available online at

The GGCA have made some suggestions of what could be included in the
submission – they can be very brief.

1. PRACTICE - What actions have you taken to implement gender
equality in your national climate change policy and practice?

2. CHALLENGES - What challenges have you faced in implementing
gender-sensitive climate policy and in pursuing gender balance in the UNFCCC

3. NEEDS - What tools, resources, or training would be most valuable
to better support and facilitate your progress towards gender-sensitive
climate policy?

A number of other submissions are invited including on climate finance –
full list available here.

Best regards, Marita

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