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Friday, September 28, 2012

Social Justice & Democratization Space - New from the International Sociological Association

Social Justice & Democratization Space

NEW from the International Sociological Association


Social Justice & Democratization Space

Justice & Democratization Space

Every day we witness people across the globe challenging oppressive
social, political, and economic regimes. As sociologists, it is
critical for us to consider the multiple ways that our sociological
research, pedagogy, policy and practice can substantively address the
complex issues and formidable dilemmas of our time.

Social Justice & Democratization Space provides an environment to
support and enhance communication, cooperation, and efficacy in the
international dissemination and exchange of information among
researchers, teachers and practitioners that can contribute to
transformative change.

Social Justice & Democratization Space is a new ISA project initiated
by Margaret Abraham, ISA VP Research and developed in partnership with
Robert Rojek, SAGE Publications.

How can you participate?


The site will be available for all to access. Social Justice &
Democratization Space aims to build a global community through an open
participatory approach to research, policy, pedagogy, practices and
images on social justice and democratization.

You can access articles, share links, and post comments in each of
the categories on the site based around the themes of: Social Justice
and Democratization, Gender and Human Rights, Social and Economic
inequalities and Public Sociology.

To access the site and post comments, simply click
and register your

To stay updated with developments about Social Justice &
Democratization Space and on further initiatives from the
International Sociological Association please click

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