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Thursday, September 20, 2012

CFP SfAA 2013: Gender-Based Violence, Advocacy, and Equitable Access

Call for Papers for the 73rd Annual Meeting of the Society for Applied
Anthropology (SFAA), March 19-23, 2013 in Denver, CO
*Gender-Based Violence, Advocacy, and Equitable Access*
Anthropologists are expanding the theoretical and methodological approaches
to examining gender-based violence through time and across cultures.
However, despite growing recognition of the global importance of
gender-based violence, advocates continue to struggle to improve access to
services that prevent violence or mitigate its effects. In keeping with the
SFAA's theme this year, we are concerned with analyzing, deconstructing,
and theorizing the following question: *How does a society assure equitable
access to gender violence prevention and mitigation resources for diverse
and often competing constituents?*
We invite papers that examine:
· disparities in access (for instance, the ways that men and women of
color, LGBTQ individuals, rural people, and immigrant men and women may
face inadequate or non-existent resources to address experiences of
· logistical, political or legal challenges of providing services to
diverse constituents (for example, for people who do not fit the victim
archetype, immigration issues related to amnesty or citizenship, or
symbolic violence in legal policies and the language of laws);
· the production of a social or legal system that is unable or unwilling
to equally protect and represent the basic needs of all those who
experience violence; or
· other relevant topics.
We also welcome papers that address transdisciplinary efforts, geographic
locations previously understudied, and studies of populations
undertheorized. Furthermore, we would encourage papers that explore
the borders of the term "gender-based violence" and its implications for
quality service-provision.
Please send paper titles, abstracts (100 words or less), and contact
information to Karin Friederic,** <> by
October 5th. We may submit one or two panels, depending on the number of
submissions. If we choose to include your abstract, we will ask that you
register with the SFAA by October 15th (the deadline for abstracts &
session proposals). For more information on the meeting, visit:** <>
Panel/Session Organizers:
· Bethany Coston,
· Karin Friederic, ** <>
· Catherine Mitchell-Fuentes,

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