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Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Graduate Program in Environmental Anthropology


*_ Graduate Program in Environmental Anthropology at the University of

We are pleased to announce a new MA in *Environmental Anthropology*
commencing in Autumn, 2011. This stream supplements the existing
*Medical Anthropology* stream within the MA program. Both streams
provide training in ethnographic theories and methodologies, policy
analysis, and anthropological engagement.

*Strengths of the program include:*

o Management and governance of Aboriginal lands

o Impact assessment and consultation

o Land claims

o Resource management (forestry, oil and gas, agriculture)

o Environmental policy

o Prairie Provinces, Arctic, and Subarctic North America

o International development & globalization

o Traditional ecological knowledge

o Cultural and symbolic engagement with landscapes

o Ritual spaces

o Political ecology

o Urban landscapes

o Environmental Health

*Supervising Faculty Include:*

*Sylvia Abonyi
<>/, /*PhD
(McMaster University)/ /

/Environmental Studies; Indigenous people; environmental health; Medical
Anthropology, Canada and Hungary; community-based research methods/

* Paul Hackett <>*, PhD/
/(University of Manitoba)

/Medical Geography; environmental health; culture change; Aboriginal
people; ethnohistory;/

/Western Canada/

/ /*_Natalia Khanenko-Friesen
PhD (University of Alberta)

/Ritual spaces; diaspora studies and migrant communities; oral history;
life story narrative; folklore; Ukrainian studies; post-socialist
transitions; Canadian studies/

*_ David Natcher
PhD (University of Alberta)

/Environmental Anthropology; Applied Anthropology; political ecology;
human dimensions of natural resource management; Arctic & Subarctic
North America/

* James B. Waldram
*PhD (University of Connecticut)/ /

/Environmental Anthropology; //Medical Anthropology; environmental
health; urban landscapes; impact assessment; Indigenous people; Canada;
Belize /

* Clinton Westman
/*PhD* *(University of Alberta)

/Environmental Anthropology; impact assessment; resource management;
sacred ecology; Anthropology of Religion; Cree/Métis ethnology;
Christianity; northern & western Canada/

*Additional Participating Faculty in the Department of Archaeology &

Michel Desjardins
PhD (Université de Montréal): /Medical Anthropology; disability studies/

*Pamela Downe
/*PhD (York University): /Medical Anthropology; infectious disease &

*David Meyer
PhD (McMaster University): /boreal/northern plains archaeology &

*Sadeq Rahimi
PhD (McGill University): /Medical Anthropology; cultural psychiatry/

*Elizabeth Robertson
PhD (University of Calgary): /hunter-gatherers; paleoenvironments/

*Application deadline: January 30, 2011*

For more information visit:

or contact:

Pamela J. Downe <>
Department of Archaeology and Anthropology
University of Saskatchewan
55 Campus Drive
Saskatoon, SK
Canada S7N 5B1
(306) 966-4175

* *

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