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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

*The Archaeology Channel* International Film and Video Festival

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We invite you to take advantage of a new programming option that we have
created for institutions such as yours: *TAC Festival **On the Road*. We
recently created this program as an outgrowth of *The Archaeology
Channel*International Film and Video Festival (, our annual
film competition that began in 2003. TAC Festival serves multiple
purposes. It fulfills our public mission to tell the human story and
promotes the genre of cultural heritage film. It's an important
fund-raising tool for us and a new source of revenue for our film-making
partners. For you, this is a new way to bring people to you and create for
them a positive and memorable experience focused on cultural legacy.

TAC Festival is the only juried international film competition in the
Western Hemisphere for this genre. It is one of the leading
archaeology-related film festivals in the world and attracts worldwide
attention among film makers and distributors. For TAC Festival 2010, which
took place May 18-22 in Eugene, Oregon, we received 100 film entries from 32
countries. We screened 19 of these for the competition and selected the
best seven films for the new *On the Road* series. You have an opportunity
through this series to bring to your audience the world's best films.

Here is how it works. We have grouped these seven films into four programs
of approximately two hours each. You can select just one, two, three, or
all four programs to exhibit at your venue and present them on your own
schedule in any order you want. We are happy to work with you if you want
to combine the films in some other way. We provide you with all the tools
you need to hold the event. If you want, you can sell tickets to the show
and use the event as a fund-raiser, or you can simply screen the programs
for no charge as part of your round of public programs. It's quite simple,
really, and you can see more details, including the film descriptions and
even clips you can watch, on our Web site at

Please consider this invitation and get back to us if you have some level
of interest. We hope to receive feedback from many organizations to help us
improve this program and the information tools we have prepared for it.
Please direct your responses to our Marketing Specialist, Howard Yang (<>).
Thank you very much!

Richard M. (Rick) Pettigrew, Ph.D., RPA
President and Executive Director
Archaeological Legacy Institute
4147 E. Amazon Dr.
Eugene, OR 97405

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