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Monday, January 18, 2016

CASCA/SANA2016 panel CFP: Language and Technology: Usage, Interaction, and Change

CASCA 2016-Halifax
Language and Technology: Usage, Interaction, and Change
Organizers: Alexis Black and Christine Jourdan (Concordia University)

Language and technology have been intimately linked through the
materiality of linguistic practice (e.g. stylus, pen and paper,
telephones, social media) and the cognitive and emotive effects of
language use. This panel will engage with technology as a mediator
for language use from an anthropological perspective. It will explore
how people use language through technologies and how languages and
technologies interact. Pertinent questions for examination could
include how technology affects language use, how language is
constrained or nourished by technology and the relationship between
technology and language in practice and cognition.

This panel is sponsored by CASCA'S LingAnthLing interest group.
Subjects may include research into language creation to accompany
emerging technologies (e.g. the creation of new metaphors or
terminologies to support communication of new technological
realities), the particular challenges posed by attempts to create
technologies that can respond to and mimic natural human language
(e.g. problems in AI research to create 'talking' machines), or
ethnographic or discursive study of changing patterns and functions in
everyday language in tandem with changing technologies (e.g. text
messaging and social media as the locus of new linguistic products and

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