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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

CASCA/SANA 2016 CFP: The View from Here: Positioning Solidarity in Canadian Anthropology

While people studying and working in Canadian anthropology departments and
those trained in them would appear to share many common interests,
perspectives, and goals, the field, along with many of its closest cousins
within the academy, seems beset on all sides by neoliberal pressures that
are changing the nature of scholarship and imposing new divisions at every
level. Yet, while it has been a challenging decade to be sure, in some
respects, Canadian anthropology departments, which have not yet been
subjected to the same degree of restructuring as their cousins in the US,
the UK, and elsewhere, may be uniquely positioned to articulate an
alternative model. This forum will bring together variously positioned
anthropologists with an interest in the future of the discipline in Canada
to share their experiences, work toward common understandings of the
pressures at work, and discuss opportunities for solidarities across these
The session aims to provide a space for open discussion and to facilitate
dialogue between scholars at various stages of their careers. Topics may
include, but are not limited to: teaching loads and unpaid
labour; Canadian graduate programs; career trajectories of Canadian PhDs;
research management and research funding; casualisation of academic labour;
unionisation and inter-union relations. Please forward abstract
submissions (100–150 words) or expressions of interest to Reade Davis
( and Michael Connors Jackman ( by 25
January 2016. 

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