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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

CASCA/SANA2016 panel CFP: Anthropology and the 'Action Turn'

Anthropology and the 'Action Turn': Possibilities, Tensions, Futures

This panel seeks to draw attention to the practical and theoretical
implications of the 'action turn' for anthropology. Set against the broad
collapse of the boundaries separating 'pure' theoretical analysis from
'applied' practical expertise in the discipline, anthropology is going
through a sustained period of deliberation over its relevance in the public
sphere. At the same time, however, to what extent anthropologists should
involve themselves in action-oriented research continues to be a matter of
contention in some quarters and reflects debates over the utility of
anthropology stretching back to the 1930s (if not earlier). In this panel,
we seek to question, and provide empirical analysis of, anthropology in
action and engage with all facets of the epistemological break that action
inspires in how we know the world and do research in it (Ospina & Anderson
2014 "The Action Turn". In The Sage Encyclopedia of Action Research). We
invite papers relating to research work with community partners,
practitioners, and institutions alike.

If interested, please contact Mark Watson ( and
Donna Patrick ( with a title and 150 word
abstract by January 25 2016.

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