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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

STLHE College Sector Educator Award

The Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE)
College Sector Educator Award

The College Sector Educator Award recognizes individuals at Canadian
colleges and equivalent institutions (polytechnics, cégeps,
institutes, etc.). The Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher
Education (STLHE) invite submissions for this prestigious award to
celebrate individuals who promote and support the development of their
peers and/or the Canadian college sector with regard to teaching

Description of Award

The College Sector Educators Community (CSEC) is a group of peers
dedicated to quality education across our post-secondary sector. Our
teaching award differentiates itself from other teaching awards by
focusing on recognizing those who have made quality efforts to promote
and support the development of their peers with regard to teaching
excellence. This support can be both one-to-one and one-to-many.

Evidence that might support a nominee's claim would be participation
in activities that support the teaching excellence of peers, such as
leading workshops, presenting at conferences, mentoring, participating
on academic committees, being active in academic associations (such as
the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, Educational
Developers Caucus, College Sector Educators Community, etc.),
publishing research related to teaching, and leading program teams in
responding creatively to constraints, etc. These activities could be
local, regional, provincial, national and/or international in scope.
Please see details in the application procedure.

The award will be open to any educator actively teaching in the
college sector. While it may be assumed that any educator who is
providing peer coaching/leadership around teaching is him/herself an
excellent educator, the award submission criteria also includes a
requirement to provide evidence of consistent teaching excellence
through student and supervisor feedback data, and/or letters from


Awards are open to all individuals who have a primary appointment
within a Canadian college sector institution at the time of submission
(i.e. does not teach/work primarily at an educational institution
other than a college sector organization), regardless of discipline,
level, or term of appointment. Applications in French or English are

Application Procedure

Applications for this award are limited to 25 pages. The application
should be prepared by the nominee except as noted below (2. and 6.)
and must include the following:


Personal Information—includes contact information, educational
background, current position, institution's media relations contact
information, etc.


Official Nomination Letter from Senior Management—person responsible
for your institution's academic program (e.g. Vice-President Academic,
Program Director)


Approach to Peer Leadership

a. Philosophy statement related to college education, teaching
goals, and academic leadership in either a formal or informal role

b. Reflections on college teaching, with specific examples,
especially regarding the role of peer support/knowledge sharing


Evidence of Sustained Teaching and/or Peer Leadership Activities—over
the past five years or more

a. Activities providing support/mentoring/coaching to peers
(individually or in groups)

b. Leadership of program teams or task groups in relation to
curriculum or teaching topics, especially where creative approaches
were taken to retain or to improve academic quality in the context of
constraints or challenges

c. Scholarly activities contributing to the knowledge base about
college teaching/learning (informal or formal research into
teaching/learning, presentations, publications, etc.)

d. Participation in teaching-related professional development
(conferences, courses, workshops, professional associations)


Evidence of Consistent Excellence in Teaching Practice
(i.e., student/supervisor evaluation results; awards or other recognition)


Letters of Support—from two peers, specifically in support of this nomination

Selection Process

Nominations will be reviewed by a sub-committee appointed by the STLHE
Board of Directors, comprised of the College Sector Educator Award
Program Coordinator and members of STLHE. Each Committee member will
serve for a minimum of two years.

Award Recognition

Award winners will:

Be announced via a press release issued by STLHE
Receive recognition at the annual STLHE Conference in June for their
exemplary contributions to the college sector.
Receive a certificate in recognition of his/her contribution to
teaching excellence and peer leadership.
Receive a free one-year membership in STLHE the year he/she wins the
award or the following year if membership has already been paid in the
year in which the award is won.
Receive $1,000 towards expenses associated with attending the 2015
STLHE Conference in Vancouver, BC.
Attend a one-day scholarly pre-conference retreat at the STLHE
conference to celebrate their exceptional achievements and to provide
an opportunity to share their experiences and ideas.

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