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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

CASCA2014: The Transforming Landscape of the Ethnography: A Sponsored Round-Table Discussion

The Transforming Landscape of the Ethnography: A Sponsored Round-Table
Conveners: Michael Lambek (U Toronto) and Naomi Adelson (York U)

With the passing of UTP Editor Virgil Duff, and in his honour, we are
convening a round-table conversation to engage established and
emerging authors and editors at University of Toronto Press on the
changing place of ethnography within Anthropology. Anthropological
Horizons Series and Anthropology in the Classroom Series authors and
UTP editors are being asked to consider the value and impact of
ethnographies in the context of the changes in the discipline and in
the world, and especially in the transforming publication landscape
since the first book was published in the Anthropological Horizons
series in 1991. What, for example, is the value of the ethnography to
the intellectual advancement of our discipline? Alternatively, what is
the professional value of the publication? What should be our
publishing priorities and what is and has been the role Canadian
academic presses in supporting them?

This event will include an informal lunch sponsored by the University
of Toronto Press, York University's Faculty of Liberal Arts &
Professional Studies and the Centre for Ethnography at the University
of Toronto, Scarborough.
Graduate students are encouraged to attend.

Date: Wednesday, April 30th
Time: 12:30 - 2 pm
Place: TBA

In order to confirm numbers for lunch, please be sure to register via
the following link for this event: REGISTRATION - The Transforming
Landscape of the Ethnography

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