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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

CASCA roundtable on "collaboration"

Anyone interested in participating in this informal roundtable
discussion should feel free to get in touch. The abstract follows:

Roundtable on the 'Promising Uncertainties' of "Collaboration" in
Anthropology Today

What does it mean to "collaborate" in, with, and through
anthropological research and writing today? While collaborations of
one sort or another have always figured in anthropological work, the
dynamic politics and complex processes of "collaboration" itself have
arguably never been more prominent in the field, as exemplified in
recent sources like the journal Collaborative Anthropologies,
guidebooks like Lassiter's Chicago Guide to Collaborative Ethnography,
and edited collections like Konrad's Collaborators
Collaborating:Counterparts in Anthropological Knowledge and
International Research Relations. What are we to make of this recent
fluorescence in "collaboration" discourse in anthropology? What
promise and uncertainties might we associate with this development?
And, most significant of all, how might we think critically about the
complex processes to which the term "collaboration" has been applied
in recent years while trying to plan or negotiate the practicalities
of the very real collaborations in which we have become/are becoming
involved, whether by our own or others' design?

Researchers (students researchers, especially) who are on the verge,
or in the midst, of a "collaborative" research project are especially
encouraged to attend. Given sufficient interest, we intend to use this
gathering as a springboard for planning a future workshop or set of
conference panels at which key themes emerging from the roundtable
discussion might be further addressed.


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