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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

WCAA associations news to share


**First issue of new WCAA journal, Déjà Lu online
*This journal consists of reprints of articles (as chosen by their
editors) from journals published by WCAA member associations and aims at
pluralizing the dissemination of anthropological knowledge on a global
level. We look forward to Déjà Lu becoming bigger in future issues; for
now, we are proud to finally have a common platform, whereby we can all
easily read anthropologies from around the world in a single forum.

Please disseminate this news on your websites and to your e-lists; and
do get in touch with us if you have any comments or queries!
Gustavo Lins Ribeiro <> and Gordon Mathews
Editors, Déjà Lu

****Anthropology Southern Africa Annual Conference
Hosted by the Wits Anthropology Department
6-8 September 2013
University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa

Preliminary call for papers and panels:
How do people take others into account? What do we find interesting in
other lives, and how do they become valuable, trivial, threatening,
obscure or puzzling to us? How do our capacities for recognizing other
lives depend on the work of particular kinds of social forms, relations,
mediations and representations? A renewed interest in these elementary
questions about mutuality has produced a wealth of new thinking in the
humanities and human sciences in recent years. Questions about the
conditions and the limits of mutuality are also of major importance for
our understanding of pressing issues to do with inequality, solidarity,
hospitality and violence.

For this year's ASnA Conference, to be hosted by Wits Anthropology on
6-8 September 2013 in Johannesburg, we invite proposals for papers and
panels broadly addressing the theme of 'mutuality and its limits'.
Within this rubric, we especially encourage participants to consider the
ways in which new work in African anthropology is reorienting and
revitalizing the discipline.

Proposals should include name, affiliation, paper/panel title and an
abstract of no more than 250 words. For panel proposals, please include
a list of prospective participants if these have already been
identified. Proposals should be sent to
Deadline:1 June 2013.

**ASAA/NZ conferences and journal
*This year's conference will be hosted by University of Waikato, at
Raglan, a very picturesque little town on the wild west coast, Dec 1-3,
with a theme of ""Ethnoscapes, Culturescapes: Anthropologies for the
present"." Contact Fiona McCormack:
Next years (2014) conference will be a combined one, with AAS
(Australia), hosted by University of Otago and will be held at (even
more picturesque) Queenstown, among the mountains in the South Island.
Dates and other details will be announced in due course.
Our journal (of anthropology and cultural studies) SITES, continues to
grow and flourish. Contributions are invited, from any discipline, but
with a regional scope of "the Pacific" (broadly defined).


***CGA/Argentina**journal CFP
*The annual call for papers for the 2013 issues of our journal,
PUBLICAR, is currently open. PUBLICAR welcomes research papers,
interviews and reviews of books covering theoretical, methodological and
issues of current interest in anthropology and the rest of the social
sciences. PUBLICAR is peer-reviewed and mainly open to associates and
members of the CGA, but will review submissions from international
specialists or researchers in the social sciences with long-term
experience in their fields.
Editorial guidelines can be found at:
Deadline for submissions: June 3 2013.


***GAA/Germany 2013 conference**
*Mainz from October, 2nd to 5th
The conference will focus on the subject "Locations: anthropology in the
academy, the workplace, and the public sphere".


***AAA has launched a new website:**This Is Anthropology
*This Is Anthropology was created for students, parents and the general
public to learn more about what anthropology is and what anthropologists
do in simple, accessible language. The site allows anthropologists from
around the world to share a photo and a brief "blurb" about their work
along with their contact information. Visitors to the site can then
enter a location anywhere in the world and find anthropologists who are
working in that area.

Though still at the beta stage of development, the site currently
includes an overview of the discipline of anthropology
<>, the skills
<> and careers
<> of
anthropologists, advice on how to become an anthropologist
<>, and an
interactive map <> displaying
anthropology projects in different parts of the world. Visitors to the
website will learn about the kinds of jobs anthropologists have, the
skill sets we employ, the kinds of research questions we ask, and how
anthropologists around the globe are attempting to better understand
what it means to be human. We hope this visual display of the work of
many and varied anthropologists will convey to visitors the critical
thinking, productive approaches to diversity, effective written and oral
communication, and technical skills that are central to the work of

We need the profiles of as many anthropologists as possible to
demonstrate the breadth and importance of our work!

Before promoting the site to a broader audience, we need our members to
add their profile to the map. It's quick and easy to add your
information. You can add photos and links, flag your research site on
the map, and share information about your research. Simply visit this
link: to share your work
with the world!


*****Irish Journal of Anthropology is putting out an open call for
*The Irish Journal of Anthropology (IJA) is a biannual publication of
the Anthropological Association of Ireland (AAI). The AAI and IJA seek
to promote the discipline of Anthropology throughout the island of
Ireland, both North and South, by providing coverage of anthropological
research and issues regarding Ireland and anthropological discipline in
general. It endeavours to be of interest not only to anthropologists and
those engaged in academia but to those interested and engaged in various
related fields, including but not limited to Archaeology, Cultural
Studies, Development Studies, Ethnology and Folk Studies, Gaeilge, Irish
Studies, and Sociology.

Submissions are welcomed from any and all contributors engaged in or
studying an anthropologically related topic, either from those working
in Ireland or those engaged in a subject related to Ireland.


***Tunisian Association of Anthropology organizes
*The Fourth International Symposium of Biological and Cultural Anthropology
18-20 December 2013 , Tunisia
The Arabic language and its peoples


***ASA14: Edinburgh, **19-22 June 2014**
*Info will go up on the ASA website about this shortly. The Call for
Panels will go out at the end of the summer.
But for now, see:


***2013 RAI Postgraduate conference, University of Aberdeen, October 28-29**
***Ideas in movement: Addressing tensions in anthropology
Extended deadline CFP: May 31

Plenary speakers: Tim Ingold and Rane Willerslev.

The Scottish Training in Anthropological Research (STAR) is proud to
announce the 2013 RAI Postgraduate conference at the University of
Aberdeen. Established in 2006, STAR fosters collaborations between
social anthropology staff and research students from the Universities of
Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and St Andrews.

To propose a paper, see:


***13th RAI Film festival, 13th-16th June, Edinburgh**
*The festival is jointly hosted by the National Museums of Scotland and
STAR (Scottish Training in Anthropological Research, a collaboration
between the Universities of Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and St.
Andrews) and co-sponsored by the Center for Visual Anthropology,
University of Southern California.

An inspiring and international programme of documentaries from around
the world; many filmmakers have already confirmed their attendance!

Read more and register:


***CFP extended deadline 1 July 2013 **
*Teaching Amidst Change conference, 5-6 September 2013, 15 Norham
Gardens, Department of Education, University of Oxford

This two-day conference on teaching and learning anthropology will
explore how we employ anthropological approaches, insights and debates
within conversations about current events. We invite also ethnographic
reflections on the role that 'change' may play within the classroom, the
university, in the field and within the discipline. Are
transformations, or 'crises', teachable in anthropology? What are their
implications for academic research, teaching and learning across a
pan-European anthropological community? What is the role for
anthropological teaching and learning in articulating or engaging with

Keynote speakers: Professor Susana Narotzky (University of Barcelona)
and Professor Sue Wright (Aarhus University)

Please submit abstracts between 400-500 words by 1 July 2013 to:


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