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Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Walk to Beautiful: A film about women's maternal health in Sub-Saharan Africa - Dalhousie University - May 31

A Walk to Beautiful: A film about women's maternal health in
Sub-Saharan Africa

6pm, Friday, May 31, 2013

Student Union Building,
Dalhousie University,
6136 University Ave, room 307.

Refreshments will be served. WHOI asks for a donation.

The Women's Health International Organization (WHOI) presents a
film-screening of Engel Entertainment's Award Winning film A Walk to
Beautiful. This lyrical and thought-provoking film documents, the
trials, tribulations, and triumphs of several Ethiopian girls and
women who suffer from obstetric fistula. This disease is a
childbirth-derived injury that affects the physical and mental health
of two million women in Africa and Asia. Fistula is the Latin word for
'hole.' This situation occurs in women having prolonged labour in
which a hole or puncture is made in the bladder and, or, rectal wall,
which causes the woman to become incontinent. Known as the 'most
horrific affliction known to humankind,' obstetric fistula was
eradicated in North America in 1925 as a result of the simple and
effective use of caesarian section.

WHOI was founded by teenage health advocate, youth leader, and
community developer, Habiba Cooper Diallo to raise awareness about
obstetric fistula and to assist in its eradication. The screening of
this film is a fund-raiser for the fistula hospital in Addis Ababa,
Ethiopia. WHOI's mandate is to empower women of Africa and the African
Diaspora through health.

Habiba Cooper Diallo is a student of Halifax West High School.
Moreover, she is the winner of Halifax's Zonta Young Women in
Leadership award (2013) Award, and the Lion's Club Halifax Chapter
winning public speaking for her discourse on obstetric fistula (2011).

Kindly support WHOI at this film-screening event. Details are below.

Co-sponsors: African Diaspora Association of the Maritimes (ADAM),
Imhotep Legacy Academy (Dalhousie University), NSPIRG, Black Student
Advisory Committee (Dalhousie University).

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