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Monday, October 15, 2012

12th Annual Queen's Health and Human Rights Conference - Call for Abstracts

12th Annual Queen's Health and Human Rights Conference - Call for

12th Annual
Queen's Health and Human Rights Conference
Queen's University
October 26-27th, 2012
New Medical Building - Atrium
Call for Abstracts
This is an annual student-run conference that provides a forum for
speakers and students from various
disciplines to come together and discuss issues that are currently
relevant to health care and human rights. This
year's theme is "The Local Lens" and as a result we are inviting speakers
with diverse perspectives, from
various fields, which conduct research that pertains to health in a local,
Canadian setting. We anticipate
submissions of research conducted in a range of diverse fields, including
but not limited to Public Health,
Medicine, Epidemiology, Biomedical Sciences, Social Sciences, Engineering,
and Physical Sciences. In past
years we have experienced these presentations adding an academic platform
from which to represent a sampling
of the diversity of research being conducted on local health and human
rights issues and challenges. The
conference will be held on October 26th-27th, 2012 at Queen's University
in Kingston, Ontario. This twoday
conference includes topics and speakers such as:
Taking your vision to action: advocating for human rights
Dr. Samantha Nutt (Founder and Executive Director, War Child Canada/USA)
Health and Human Rights in Northern Communities: the Attawapiskat Housing
Charlie Angus (Member of Parliament, Timmins – James Bay)
End-of-life rights debate: Should medically-assisted suicide be legalized
in Canada?
Wanda Morris (Executive Director, Dying with Dignity), Hugh Scher
(Founder, Scher Law Professional
Corporation; Legal Counsel, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition)
We are inviting all primary investigators, graduate students, postdoctoral
fellows, research project students,
medical students, and clinical residents to present their relevant
findings at our poster presentation session.
Individuals interested in presenting should submit their abstract(s)
according to the instructions outlined in the
proceeding form.
Abstracts must be submitted via e-mail as an attachment in MS Word format,
including a title, list of authors
(underline the presenting author), department, where the work was carried
out, and supporting agency (where
appropriate) at the end of the abstract.
October 20th, 2012
Poster: 4' x 6' poster boards will be provided at the site. There will be
ample time allotted for poster
viewing on both the Friday evening and Saturday during the day. Poster
presentations will take
place over lunch on Saturday.
Awards: There will be no judging at this poster session.
Cost: Attendance is free for this conference.
Research Themes
These themes are only suggestions, and new themes are encouraged. If you
feel your research is
relevant to the study of Health and Human Rights, please apply! We
encourage you to contact
the committee at if you are uncertain of the
relevance of your
potential presentation topic.
Health and the Environment (toxins, built environment, social environment)
Aboriginal Health
Mental Health & Illness
Health Care Access, Barriers
Health and Aging
Rural Health
Women's Health
Education and Health
Food Security and Health
Human Right and Occupational Health

12th Annual
Health and Human Rights Conference
Queen's University
October 26th-27th, 2012
Deadline for Abstract Submission: October 20th, 2012
********* Please submit this form electronically with every abstract
submission *********
Please send to
Abstract must fit within the dimensions 4 ¼" x 6 ¾" using Times Roman, 12
point (in MS Word for Windows
2000 or later version). Please include the title (in capital letters),
authors (presenter underlined) and affiliation at
the top. For reproduction purposes, abstracts (including title and author
list) must fit in the space 4 ¼" x 6 ¾".
Presenter's Name: E-mail: ______________________________
Please check one:
Graduate Student:
Resident: Primary Investigator: Specify:
Medical Student:
Please Specify Your Research Theme:
Title of Abstract

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