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Thursday, August 16, 2012

International network of social scientists studying rice cropping communities

International network of social scientists -International Rice Research

IRRI is establishing an international network of social scientists who are
working on rice-based cropping systems research in South and Southeast
Asia. This is to strengthen social science contributions in uplifting the
plight of the rice farmers and rice-based farming communities in Asian
regions where poverty is so pervasive. On this regard, IRRI is calling
for membership for this said network - please click the website below, and
please send your CV at the same time upon registering.

We are looking for social scientists across the globe with research
interests or experience in Southeast Asia and South Asia on rice-based
cropping systems research. Specifically we are looking for the following:
economists, anthropologists, sociologists, human ecologists,
psychologists, geographers, public policy specialists, political
scientists, marketing specialists, business model specialists, and other
related social science disciplines. The young social scientists (those
who are less than 46 years old) are particularly encouraged.

May we request you to kindly forward this mail to your colleagues and
network to widely disseminate this call for membership for an
international network of social scientists for rice research in South and
Southeast Asia.

Thank you very much.


Flor Palis

Florencia G. Palis, PhD
Scientist (Agricultural Anthropology)
Social Sciences Division
International Rice Research Institute
Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines

Tel #: +6328450563 local 2774

The International Rice Research Institute is a member of the CGIAR consortium

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