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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Committee on Gender Equity in Anthropology Award- Nominations Due May 1

Committee on Gender Equity in Anthropology Award****

** **

Nominations Due: May 1****

** **

The CoGEA Award (formerly known as the Squeaky Wheel Award), sponsored by
the AAA Committee on Gender Equity in Anthropology (CoGEA), recognizes
individuals who have demonstrated the courage to bring to light and
investigate practices in anthropology that are potentially discriminatory
to women, have acted to raise awareness of women's contributions to
anthropology or identify barriers to full participation by women in
anthropology, or have helped to bring about significant shifts in
intellectual paradigms through their anthropological research on women's
lives. ****


The committee seeks nominations for scholars and practitioners from all
subfields of anthropology who have acted to improve the status of women in
anthropology through:****

** **

* Mentorship of female and male colleagues and students****

* Research that has directly addressed the roles, situations, and
experiences of women in anthropology****

* Scholarship on women or gender that has influenced shifts in
anthropological theory.****

* The development of policies, procedures, or other professional
standards that alleviate gender inequality in the field of anthropology ***


Anyone may submit nominations, including non-AAA members or
non-anthropologists. Nominations should include the name, affiliation and
title of the individual being nominated, a one- or two-paragraph
description of the reason for the nomination and the nature of the person's
contribution to the improvement of the status of women in anthropology, and
a copy of the nominee's CV. The nomination also should include the name,
address, phone number and email address of the nominator. Nominators may be
contacted for additional material concerning finalists. Nominations should
be sent by May 1 to Suzanne Mattingly, CoGEA Liaison at
Awardees and nominators will be notified by July 1.****

** **

Previous CoGEA Award winners include: Laura Nader (2010), Constance Sutton
(2009), Margaret Conkey (2008), Joan Gero (2007), Sandra Morgen (2006),
Adrienne Zihlman (2004), Sue Kent (2003), Carole Crumley (2002), Naomi
Quinn (2001), Roger Sanjek (2000), Carol Kramer (1999), Louise Lamphere
(1998), and John Yellen (1997).****

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