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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

CFP: Queering Borders Panel @ 2012 AAA Meeting


Please take a look at our panel proposal for the 2012 AAA Meetings below.
If you are interested in participating, please send me
( your contact info and paper abstract (250 words) no
later than March 15 2012.

*Panel: Queering Borders: Sexuality, Migration and Citizenship*

Co-Organizers: David AB Murray (York U) and Nathalie Ricard (Universite

How does sexuality impact border crossings across time, space, embodied
differences, language and culture? How might anthropological theories,
concepts and methods address the operations of sexuality in the making,
unmaking and remaking of these borders? While a growing literature on
'queer migration' recognizes the centrality of sexuality in the
movements, governance, regulation and agency of bodies crossing
trans/national borders and in the very structure of those borders, there
has been thus far relatively little research on these issues published
from an anthropological perspective.The papers in this panel apply this
perspective to a series of questions pertaining to borders and queer
migration: Do queer migrants redefine or reinscribe national frontiers?
How are local queer communities (re)defined by the movements and
arrivals of transnational queer immigrants, migrants and/or refugees? How
do cosmopolitanism and nationalism operate in queer migrants'
organizations and policies? To what extent does the internet contribute
to the impact these organizations have across borders?How are practices
and policies of citizenship affected by queer migration? How do queer
migrants and refugees negotiate questions of identity, belonging and
status as they move across borders?These papers question methodological
and theoretical paradigms andprovide interventions that provoke new
insights into the relationship between migration, borders, and sexual

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