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Monday, January 16, 2012

Various WCAA announcements

28th Brazilian Anthropological Meetings (July 2-5, 2012)
Delegates who wish to present papers at the 28th Meetings of the Brazilian
Association of Anthropology (ABA), please access
for a list of Research Discussion Groups.
Deadline for submission of proposals is January 26, 2012.


WCAA blog
The World Council of Anthropological Associations website -
<> - has a blog, which can
potentially serve as a world forum for anthropologists to debate with one
another. There really aren't many such sites today, and we want to make
this such a site. So far, my students and I have written the blogs on the
site ­ we haven't publicized it yet. But now that the quirks have been
ironed out, it's open to everyone. You can add comments to the site, or
even better, write your own blog, on any anthropological topic you choose,
and we'll put it on the site: just send it to me at
<>, and I'll put it on.
You can write on any anthropological topic at all, as long as it would be
of some interest to anthropologists beyond those of your own society. We
look forward to hearing from you! Writing in English is preferred, but we
are open to other languages as well. Please be in touch!
Best regards
Gordon Mathews
Blog moderator, World Council of Anthropological Associations

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