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Sunday, January 8, 2012

2nd Call for Papers - PAAA 2012 Conference, NAIROBI, Kenya

NAIROBI, in collaboration with the
13th ¡V 14th AUGUST 2012, NAIROBI, KENYA
A decade ago, over 119 Heads of State and Government met in New York and
examined the state of the world. The meeting identified key goals, the
Millennium Development Goals, and set 2015 as the benchmark to reverse and
eliminate disparities. Since then, Africa has made little progress towards
achieving the targets. In fact, Africa has remained worse off, than it was
in 2000. For example, maternal and child mortality has become worse than
it was in 1999. To address some of the policy and academic concerns around
these issues, the Institute of Anthropology, Gender and African Studies of
the University of Nairobi in collaboration with the Pan-African
Anthropological Association (PAAA) is organising a conference to
deliberate on these issues. The conference will bring together
Anthropologists and policy makers to discuss anthropology and the MDGs.
The meeting will explore the challenges Africa is facing in making
progress towards the set targets. In particular, emphasis will be on the
Role of Anthropology in addressing or alleviating the challenges.
We invite abstracts from anthropologists and policy makers for papers to
be presented at the Conference. In keeping with the proposed theme, the
Conference papers will focus on the following:
ƒ¯ Maternal and Child Health: Socio-cultural dimensions of Maternal and
child health in Africa; Anthropology of fertility reduction and child
health; culture, family planning and population policies; changing
marriage patterns and maternal health, health and socio-economic
consequences of adolescent fertility.
ƒ¯ Gender Disparities and Women¡¦s Empowerment: The Gender ideology in
contemporary African setting; Gender-power relations in a dynamic
socio-political African environment, Female Genital Cutting; The politics
and economics of body image in Africa; Sexuality and sexual identity in
ƒ¯ HIV, Malaria and Other Diseases: The cultural context of HIV in Africa;
The Socio-cultural context of malaria prevention; Health as social
context; Culture and health-seeking in Africa; Plural healthcare systems.
ƒ¯ Environmental Sustainability and Natural Resources Management: The
politics of natural resources and environmental management; Indigenous
knowledge and the management of natural resources; Participation of
indigenous peoples in the management of terrestrial and marine resources;
Anthropological perspectives on climate change and biodiversity loss in
Africa; Biodiversity and its importance to local communities.
ƒ¯ Poverty and Hunger: Causes of extreme poverty in Africa; The
socio-economic aspects of food production in Africa; Redefining the
culture of food production, distribution and consumption; Anthropological
perspectives of food security in Africa; Social welfare and poverty in
DEADLINE FOR ABSTRACT SUBMISSION: The deadline for submission of abstracts
is 29th February 2012. The abstracts should not be more than 200 words and
in the English language. The abstracts will be reviewed and the authors of
accepted abstracts will be notified by 30th March 2012.
SUBMISSION OF PAPERS: Accepted papers are due on 30th June 2012.
Send your abstracts to Organizing Committee:

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