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Saturday, July 2, 2011

CFP- Erotic Mobilities

Erotic Mobilities: women's heterosexual subjectivities away from

Call for Papers

Themed Papers in Gender, Place, and Culture:
A Journal of Feminist Geography
Edited by Ana Dragojvolic, Susan Frohlick, and Adriana Piscitelli

Abstracts accepted until August 31, 2011
Full chapters due by November 30, 2011
2012 publication target date

We are seeking ethnographically informed papers that focus on the multiple
dimensions of women's experiences of sex and love with local men in
international tourist destinations, to be included in themed paper for
Gender, Place, and Culture: A Journal of Feminist Geography, subjected to
the journal's regular anonymous peer review process.
Transnational erotics and intimacies between women from the global North
and men from the global South that occur in the context of travel and
tourism, whether money or payment of any kind is involved or not, are a
challenging subject matter for feminist scholarship (Ebron 1997; Jeffreys
2003; Sanchey Taylor 2006; Ware 1997). Political economic asymmetry and
racial hierarchies along with gender relations underpin these complex
cross-border encounters, which are fraught with issues of power. As more
women travel, from a diversity of backgrounds and sending countries, the
politics and practices of women's heterosexual sexualities while away from
home warrant a wide range of critical analyses in terms of larger
questions concerning how culture, place, and mobility shape gender and
This themed section in Gender, Place, and Culture contributes to recent
literature that examines how international pleasure travel, bound up with
consumerism, modernity, and cosmopolitanism, plays a significant role in
the ongoing changes in women's heterosexual subjectivities in the
twenty-first century (eg Frank 2007; Huang and Yeoh 2998; Hubbard
2000; Walsh 2007). The range of topics is wide open but we are especially
interested in papers that address women's experiences, in particular women
from so-called nonwestern countries such as Japan and Singapore, or that
focus on women's transnational sex in destinations outside of the
Caribbean, South America, and Indonesia.
Please send an abstract and a short CV to:; and no later than August 31, 2011.

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