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Friday, August 6, 2010

International Conference on the Liberal Arts

 International Conference on the Liberal Arts:

Looking Back and Moving Forward

The Next 100 Years of Liberal Arts - Confronting the Challenges

September 30-October 2, 2010

St. Thomas University

Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

Liberal Arts education has been challenged in recent years by the pressures
of neo-liberalism and corporatization, cutbacks in public funding, changes
in demographics and student population, and internationalization.
Professors and administrators are responding in diverse ways that include
re-engagement with the values and roles of the Liberal Arts, innovations in
curriculum and pedagogical approaches, creative and differential use of
technology, and the practical matters of winning public support and
retaining students.

With over 50 presentations, panel discussions and 4 keynote speakers, the
conference addresses the Liberal Arts in relationship to economics,
marketing, managerialism, religion, student retention, and employment, as
well as more pedagogical issues related to traditional and modern notions of
Liberal education, Fine Arts, and critical thinking. The International
Conference on the Liberal Arts will focus on issues of particular relevance
to university faculty and administration alike regarding the future of the
Liberal Arts.

Keynote Speakers

. Ronald Wright: The Future of the Past: escaping the parochialism
of the present

. Henry Giroux: Beyond Bailouts: Rethinking the Neoliberal Subject
Higher Education

. Dorothy Smith: Thinking it Through - Retaining Critical Thinking
and Social Conscience

. Phil McShane: Liberal Arts: the Heart of Future Science

For additional information on the speakers, registration, accommodation, and
schedule go to the conference website
<> or
contact the Conference Chair <>

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