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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Journal: Canadian Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences - Call for Papers

Canadian Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences - Call for Papers

This letter is sent on behalf of Dr. Jeremy Jackson, Editor of CJHSS.

The purpose of this letter is to introduce you to a new Canadian academic
journal called the Canadian Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences

The CJHSS represents an entirely new form of academic publication and
discourse. We are the first journal to promote and encourage articles
that spawn
open, ongoing debate amongst academics across a wide range of intellectual
disciplines. We seek to publish articles that engage intellectuals in the
humanities and social sciences in debate amongst each other on issues of
importance across disciplines. Rather than encouraging highly
discipline-specific, microanalyses, the CJHSS wishes to advocate
multidisciplinary discourse.

The CJHSS is also the first academic journal to allow online, unrestricted
academic publication and review of articles. The mandate of the CJHSS is to
remove as much editorial censorship as possible. To this end, the
journal offers
authors the opportunity to publish articles online with only minimal editorial
interference. In combination with our online article review process, this
approach creates an environment for free, open academic debate without the
ordinary academically restrictive editorial and economic considerations of
traditional hard-copy journals.

The CJHSS is an online journal located at<

Please feel free to peruse the journal at your leisure. We aim to publish our
first edition in mid to late summer of this year. At the present time we are
accepting articles for publication. We would very much appreciate a submission
from you and/or any member of your department. If you could post the attached
call for papers and/or email it to members of your department, we
would be most

Thank you for your consideration of our request. We hope that you and the
CJHSS can work together to create an entirely new and productive form of
academic discourse.


Dr Jeremy Jackson

Zarka Stojanovic
Canadian Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences
PO Box 2503, New Westminster, BC, V3L 5B2, Canada
Office Phone: 604.777.6157

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