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Thursday, January 28, 2010

CASCA 2010 Session Call for Papers: The Anthropology of Vaccines

Anthropological Connections: Vaccines in the 21st Century

The development and introduction of vaccines into human populations calls for
anthropological attention. Pandemic, adjuvant, prioritization, and vaccines
became nightly news around the world during 2009. Vaccines are transnational
commodities, developed by multinational, public-private partnerships, subject
to international standards and regulation. They are introduced in
usually naïve
individuals, variably in developed and developing countries, and they connect
people in biological citizenry. Immunogenicity counters infection; risk
protection counters safety fears. Anti-vaccination movements and
public health
campaigns alike adopt a wide range of cultural, political, religious,
gender and
scientific explanatory models to support their claims. This session will bring
together anthropologists addressing the social and technical challenges of
vaccines within Canada and internationally in the 21st century regulatory

We welcome submissions by anthropologists working on vaccination and vaccine
issues. Please contact by February 5.

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