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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Call for Papers for proposed CASCA Panel

Call for Papers for proposed CASCA Panel:

Geographies of Difference: Spaces of Inclusion and Exclusion and
Im/migrant Human Rights

In response to CASCA's theme, New Spaces and New Networks, this panel
will consider the importance of geographic spaces as they relate to
the re-location or dis-location of minority ethnic and religious
im/migrant groups within the framework of human rights. In what kinds
of ways do governments, employers, or communities create 'Other'
spaces for minority groups, and what kinds of consequences do such
spaces have for the realization of their rights? How do elements of
geographic inclusion or exclusion impact im/migrants' abilities to
exercise rights? What contradictory effects might be experienced as a
of differential patterns of spacialization? For example, do bounded
spaces offer protection and a sense of belonging to minority groups,
or hinder the advancement of their full social inclusion and the
realization of their rights? The panel organizers are seeking papers
which engage these and related questions in relation to im/migrant and
minority groups in diverse geographic, social and political contexts.

Please submit proposed abstracts (150 words), including name,
departmental positions and affiliations, to Melanie Adrian at
<> by January 18th at 5pm.
Successful applicants will be notified by January 19th at 5pm, in time
for submission to CASCA on January 20th.

Organizers: Dr. Melanie Adrian, Harvard University, and Dr. Janet McLaughlin,
International Migration Research Centre, Wilfrid Laurier University

Thank you

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