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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Appels CASCA-Cuba CFPs


-CASCACuba panel CFP: Ethoecologies

-CfP Workshop CASCA2018 — Great Master Plans for Agriculture and its Non Human Challengers

-CFP: CASCA/CUBA - Contrapunteo Medical Anthropology: Talking Back to Convention

-CfP CASCA 2018: Assembling humans: plasticities, environments, and identities

-CASCACUBA18 panel CFP: Contrapunteo y territorialidades 

-Call for Papers CASCA 2018: Race, affect, and the performative in the counterpoint of center and margin

-CFP: Casca Cuba. Temporal experience and the ethics of time

-CFP: Digital Infrastructures, Practices, and Socialities beyond the State

-CFP: Intersecting Views on the Practice of Bridewealth

-Call for papers CASCA – Cuba: Ethnographies of NAFTA

-CASCACuba2018 panel CFP: Acoplando el contrapuntal (contrapunteo) voces de los investigadores e investigados basados en la comunidad a través de la difusión y utilización de los datos

-CASCACuba2018: Seeking co-presenters for a panel or round table-arts-based, qualitative research methods focus

-CASCACuba CFP: A contrapuntal anthropology of politics: engaging formally and informally with 'the political'

-Appel panel CASCACuba : La relation de l'anthropologue à autrui sur le terrain: qui ou quoi en décide? Observateur participant ou tiers-exclu ?

-CASCACuba panel CFP: The relationship of the anthropologist to the other (seen as a contrapuntear) while doing fieldwork: who or what decides on it? Participating observer or excluded third party?

-Call for papers: CASCA-CUBA - Value and Politics

-Propuesta de panel - CASCA-CUBA - Cultura, clima y azares medioambientales. Enfoques, retos y perspectivas de la Antropología Ambiental

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