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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

CASCA: CFPs, Events, Opportunities/Colloques, Appels à communication, évènements, opportunités

CASCA: CFPs, Events, Opportunities/Colloques, Appels à communication,
évènements, opportunités

-Postcolonial Studies Association / Journal of Postcolonial Writing
Postgraduate Essay Competition

-Wikipédia en français: Mois de la contribution francophone 2017/Ottawa

-CFP: 9th International Social Innovation Research Conference- Melbourne 2017

-Appel à communications / Call for Papers - Les communautés
patrimoniales / Heritage Communities

-APPEL DE PROJETS - PRINTEMPS 2017 - Première Ovation Patrimoine (date
limite le 15 mars)

-Call for Application: UNESCO World Heritage Young Professionals Forum 2017

-Call for Articles: Antisemitism Studies


-CALL FOR PAPERS - Landscapes of Sovereignty: Everyday Life at the
Margins of the State - PACSA meeting in Amsterdam 2017

-Call for Papers: The Politics of Critical Security Research

-Call for submissions (Summer 2017): The Journal of the Anthropology
of the Contemporary Middle East and Central Eurasia (ACME)

-Calls for Papers on Contemporary Issues in U.S. Health and Healthcare

-Appel à contributions : Civilisations, vol. 67 - À l'écoute des
transnationalisations religieuses

-Call for papers: Civilisations, vol. 67 - Sounding Religious Transnationalism

-CfP: Science - something old, something new, something blue

-Call for Papers: 14th International Karl Polanyi Conference

-CFP:Practices and Activisms from Feminist Epistemologies

-Post-US-election teaching resources

-Dialogic Ethnography Workshop on Chinese in Africa

-CoGEA Award call 2017

-CFP: Toxic legacies, global pollutants - anthropological and
historical perspectives on the chemical Anthropocene

-CFP Historical Aspects of Preventive Healthcare in Germany and Poland

-CFP PACSA 2017 - Panel 17 "South-South-Cooperation in Contemporary

-CFP PACSA 2017 - Securitisation and the techno-politics of transition (P. 16)

-CFP Sacralizing Security: Postsecular Pathways of Religion, Violence
and Protection

-CFP: Deconstructing unitary statehood: hybrid governance in
comparative perspective (Island of Procida, Naples)

-CfP: Encounters with Difference, a conference on travel writing and gender

- Museum Interdisciplinary Studies (deadline March 15)

-CfP: The making of war veterans - Peace and Conflict Studies in
Anthropology (PACSA) meeting, Amsterdam 28-30 August

-CFP: Violence Against University and College Women

-Conference of the International Society for Academic Research on
Shamanism - Conference_Hanoi, Vietnam December 1-4, 2017_Call for

-Pelion Summer Lab - Call for Participants


-CfP - Bodies of knowledge and epistemological challenges to
ethnographic practice in medical research - EASA Medical Anthropology

-CFP - P31: The spaces in between: bodies, care, health and illness;
EASA conference

-CALL FOR PAPERS: Panel 35 - EASA Medical Anthropology Network

-Call for papers EASA Medical Anthropology Network 2017, Biannual
Conference Network Meeting | 5-7 July, Lisbon, Portugal Panel 19 -
Embodied chronicity: severe conditions and the promises of therapeutic

-EASA CfP's: Panel 14 - Sensations and Symptoms

-CFP EASA Lisbon - Temporalities of death and dying

-CfP EASA Medical Anthropology Conference_Panel 27 Engaging
Ethnography and Global Health Disasters

-CfP Transitions between bodies and collections: thinking about the
archives of the body and the body as archive


-CFP (AAA): Panel session – Anthropology matters to Indigenous
sovereignty, AND, Indigenous sovereignty matters to anthropology

-Call for Papers (AAA 2017) - Re-examining Medical Narratives

-AAA 2017 CFP - Injury

-AAA-CFP: What really matters—to laboratory scientists

-Call for Papers: 2017 AAA Panel on Remoteness and Place Making as
Social Practice

-CFP: AAA panel on concrete

-AAA session "The Political Materiality of Cities" Washington DC, Nov.
29-Dec. 3, 2017

-CfP AAA-Panel on "International Migrants in China"

-CFP: 116th AAA Annual Meeting - Medical Anthropology in the Trump
Era: Engagement, Activism, and Resistance beyond Academic Frontiers

-CFP: After Global Health (AAA 2017)

-CFP: Gender, Biomedicine, and Citizenship (AAA 2017)


Conférence Shirley Greenberg 2017
23 mars 2017

Madame Délice Mugabo
(PhD Candidate, City University of New York)

L'Institut d'études féministes et de genre de l'Université d'Ottawa

vous invite à l'édition 2017 de sa Conférence annuelle Shirley Greenberg.

À cette occasion, madame Délice Mugabo prononcera une conférence en
français intitulée :

« La liberté ne pointait pas vers le Nord: les femmes noires esclaves en
Nouvelle-France, leurs stratégies de résistance et les implications pour
la lutte féministe noire au Québec ».

La conférence aura lieu jeudi le 23 mars à 17h30 au Pavillon des diplômés
Alex Trebek, Hall 116 (157 Séraphin-Marion) et elle sera suivie d'un léger

Nous vous attendons en grand nombre!!!

Upcoming Event: 2017 Royackers Lecture- Blair Stonechild

Wednesday March 22
Regis College, University of Toronto
St. Joseph Chapel, 100 Wellesley St.

The Challenge of Indigenous Spirituality
Blair Stonechild, PhD, Professor of Indigenous Studies,
First Nations University of Canada, Regina, Saskatchewan


New Directions in Ethno-Cartography

Organised by the Livingmaps Network

Time and date: March 15th, 6pm


Venue: Development Planning Unit, 34 Tavistock Square, London WC1

Book online:

Chair: Phil Cohen


* Christos Varvantakis, Research Fellow at the University of Sussex
* Jina Lee, PhD candidate at the University of the Arts London
* Katherine Stansfeld, PhD candidate at Royal Holloway,
University of London
* Juliet Davis, Senior Lecturer at Cardiff University
* Sevasti-Melissa Nolas, Senior Lecture at the University of Sussex

About the event:

Ethnographers have always been interested in how spatial practices
articulate cultural forms, and vice versa. Social geographers have
also been concerned to explore mental maps and how these shape or
reflect the way different groups navigate and make sense of their
environment. However, despite their potential convergence around
notions of place intelligence and the living map, there has been
little dialogue between these disciplines. Our four speakers will draw
on their own research to discuss the points of intersection - and
tension - between these different perspectives.

Christos Varvantakis, Research Fellow at the University of Sussex, and
Sevasti-Melissa Nolas, Senior Lecturer at the University of Sussex,
will discuss how children map their neighbourhoods and things that
matter to them. Drawing on research conducted in London and Athens,
Varvantakis and Nolas will explore how, in the hands of children, maps
become more than a representational framework, instead revealing
children's desires and critiques of their lives beyond the domestic or
private sphere.

Jina Lee, PhD candidate at the University of the Arts London, will
describe how her practice-based research as an artist-cartographer
re-examines the role of drawing in map-making, highlighting as it does
the process and agency involved in creating maps. Lee will draw on her
work with the Joseonjok people in New Malden, London, to explore
contemporary drawing practices.

Katherine Stansfeld, PhD candidate at Royal Holloway, University of
London, will investigate the potential of visual ethnography and
cartographic practice to explore and re-imagine the super-diverse
city. Drawing on her research in Finsbury Park, north-east London,
Stansfeld will explain how mapping has the potential to express the
multiplicity of meaning that exists in super-diverse places.

Juliet Davis, senior lecturer in architecture at Cardiff University,
will reflect on the redevelopment of the 2012 Olympic Games site in
East London, portrayed in planning documents as an industrial
wasteland. Drawing on historical, cartographic and photographic
research, Davis will offer an alternative account of the site as an
historical, lived, working landscape, and will go on to reveal some of
the legacies of redevelopment for the industrial users who were
dispersed to make way for the Games.

Claire Bracegirdle
+44 (0)7449 320 938 |<> |

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