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Friday, December 9, 2016


Religious mobility revisited: migrating spirits, rituals and beliefs

Convenors/ Organisatrices :
Marie Nathalie LeBlanc et Deirdre Meintel

Short Abstract :
This panel explores how local actors and anthropologists think about
present-day expressions of religion, spirituality, the occult and the
esoteric. Papers based on case studies examine how practices, beliefs
and rituals are combined to connect the spirit world to modern social


Suspending movement: moments of presence and absence in inter-species

Short Abstract:
Our interest is in postures of stillness that humans adopt in avoiding
'the social' in inter-species encounters. To what extent, we ask,
might staying immobile, intent on remaining undetected, be as telling,
or more telling of human life and potential than are moments of social

Petra Tjitske Kalshoven, University of Manchester
Olivier Larocque, McGill University

Link for submission:

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