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Monday, December 21, 2015

Rappel/Reminder - CASCA/SANA2016 panel CFP: Solidarities with Indigenous Peoples in Canada and Beyond

CASCA/SANA2016 panel CFP reminder

Solidarities with Indigenous Peoples in Canada and Beyond

Anthropologists work with and for Indigenous peoples in Canada and
beyond. They expose negative representations about Indigenous peoples
within all forms of media. In consultation with Indigenous
stakeholders, anthropologists revise education programs, systems and
resources providing better access and culturally appropriate
instruction. Anthropologists act as expert witnesses for Indigenous
peoples within the courts. They work toward solutions to pressing
health challenges and problems confronting Indigenous peoples. Applied
anthropologists work closely with Indigenous peoples on a host of
practical projects designed to address routine and extraordinary needs
while creating capacity within communities. Anthropologists
collaborate with Indigenous historians and linguists building archives
using Indigenous knowledge and practices to save and maintain
Indigenous histories and languages. These panels invite, among other
things, anthropologists and Indigenous peoples to reflect upon what
solidarity requires, where solidarity-building has worked or not, and
what could have been done differently.

Please submit abstracts for consideration to:
Craig Proulx
St. Thomas University

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