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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

CASCA/SANA2016 panel - looking for participants: CULTURAL PRODUCTION AND THE STATE


Institutionalized arenas of culture production like film, music and
performing arts industries have been described as spaces both
nurturing critical public dialogue and advancing hegemonic projects.
By employing notions like cultural and creative industries, culture as
a resource for governance, alternativity, and artistic public sphere,
arenas of cultural production can be seen as zones where government
institutions, transnational agencies, cultural producers and consumers
negotiate dissent and incorporation. This panel welcomes contributions
of anthropologist exploring the intersections of art, market, society
and state. Among the questions we would like to consider are: How do
states incorporate, marginalize, engage or ignore artistic practices?
How do artistic projects permeate state's projects? How do social
actors in this field articulate and narrate social solidarities?
Please send inquiries and abstracts to Daniel Salas-Gonzalez
( by January 31, 2016.

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