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Monday, May 4, 2015

Grant Opportunity: Learning from Peace in Sub-Saharan Africa

United States Institute of Peace (USIP) Grant Opportunity: Learning
from Peace in Sub-Saharan Africa

Deadline Date: May 11, 2015


Practitioners and policymakers in the peacebuilding field too often
focus on studying the causes and consequences of conflict at the
expense of examining the causes of peace. To help societies work to
become more peaceful, it is necessary to have a better understanding
of why some areas are able to resist falling into conflict, while
others are not. For example, there are instances throughout Africa of
where cross-country (e.g. Niger's relative stability vs Mali's recent
conflict) or internal comparison (e.g. in South Sudan, Eastern
Equatoria state has long enjoyed higher levels of peace than the rest
of the country) can provide important insight for conflict prevention
policy. What are the governing practices, social institutions, norms,
values or context that bolster stability throughout sub-Saharan
Africa? What actions and practices bolster communities to resist
violent extremism, inter-ethnic violence, violent crime, and other
forms of violence?

USIP's Africa team is seeking concept notes that examine a specific
example of learning from peace, drawing examples from sub-Saharan

Call for Concept Notes

The USIP call for concept notes on "Learning from Peace in sub-Saharan
Africa" falls under the grantmaking program of USIP's Middle East and
Africa Center (MEA). It is designed to support peacebuilding programs
and research in Africa. Priority will be given to local organizations,
though U.S. and international organizations and universities with a
strong history of work in the region may also apply. USIP supports
both research projects and initiatives that focus on conflict
resolution, conflict prevention, community resilience, peacebuilding
and countering violent extremism.

More information, including How to Apply, go to:

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