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Thursday, May 28, 2015

African Studies Film Screenings at Carleton U, Ottawa - MAY 28-30, 2015

Ottawa ON
MAY 28-30, 2015

The African Group of Diplomats in Canada, the Institute of African
Studies and the Film Studies Program of Carleton University, in
collaboration with the Canadian Film Institute, are pleased to invite
you to the screening of three films in celebration of Africa Day.

All screenings will take place at:
Carleton University - River Building, Room 2200
(intersection of Campus Ave. and University Drive; see
Carleton University, Ottawa, ON

* On Thursday, May 28th, at 7pm with support from the Embassy of
Algeria we are screening Hors la loi /Outside the Law by Rachid
Bouchareb (Algeria)

Hors la loi /Outside the Law (dir. Rachid Bouchareb, 2010, French
and Arabic with English
subtitles, 137 min.)
The story takes place between 1945 and 1962, and focuses on the lives
of three Algerian brothers in France, set against the backdrop of the
Algerian independence movement and the Algerian War. It provides an
historically unorthodox portrayal of the 1945 Sétif massacre and
sparked a political controversy in France. Reviews of the film
compared it to Westerns and gangster films, and critics observed how
the independence activists were likened to the French Resistance
during World War II. Outside the Law represented Algeria at the 83rd
Academy Awards, where it was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film.

"A tense, energetic historical drama on a grand scale – somewhere
between Bertolucci and Michael Mann" (Jonathan Romney, The
Independent on Sunday).

* On Friday, May 29th at 7pm with support from the Embassy of Egypt
we are screening The Emigrant by Youssef Chahine (Egypt), the most
celebrated Egyptian film director.

The Emigrant (dir. Youssef Chahine, 1994, Arabic with English
subtitles, 155 min.).
In this retelling of Joseph's life with an Egyptian twist, the
descendant of Abraham is known as Ram, a man leading a nomadic life
and dreaming of studying in Egypt. Ram (Khaled El Nabaoui) and his
brothers travel across the Sinai Desert, after which his brothers
decide to sell him to a man who takes him to Thebes, Egypt. There, he
meets military leader Amihar (Mahmoud Hemida) and his wife (Yousra),
who lusts after Ram. He must deal with her advances and with Amihar's
plans to obtain power.

* On Saturday, May 30th at 7pm, with support from the Embassy of
Haiti we are screening Ayiti Toma by Joseph Hillel (Canada/Haiti).

Ayity Toma: The Land of the Living (dir. Joseph Hillel, Canada/Haiti,
French with English subtitles, 83 min).
Beyond the country that overcame slavery to become the first Black
Republic, beyond the country that has survived numerous natural
disasters and even humanitarian aid, lies Ayiti Toma, the 'country
that is ours'. The documentary that bears this name aspires to
present this lesser known, more inclusive Ayiti as it is retold and
illuminated by the Ayitians themselves, be they intellectuals,
politicians, practitioners of voodoo or young survivors from a
hard-hit borough of Port-au-Prince. With the additional input of
anthropologists, historians and aid workers (including Sean Penn),
this documentary illustrates that this extraordinary culture must be
taken into account if Ayiti Toma, the land of the living is to come
into being.

For more information, please contact:
Prof. Aboubakar Sanogo ( or
Prof. Blair Rutherford (

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