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Saturday, January 31, 2015

CASCA2015 Panel CFP: Indigenous Knowledge Landscapes in Canada

Indigenous Knowledge Landscapes in Canada


This symposium will focus on issues of relations between settlers and
Indigenous peoples, particularly in Canada, and the role(s) that
anthropology could play in making a positive contribution to that
relationship. Foci include, but are not limited to, the relationship between
anthropology/ists and Indigenous and decolonizing methodologies and how we
are challenged by/ critical of/ welcoming of this emerging literature.
Examining the implications of re-readings of the history of the terms
Canadien and Métis and how they could potentially have an impact on the
contemporary debates surrounding definitions of Métis identity. Moves toward
more participatory approaches in collecting, selecting and managing
Indigenous-related records. How settlers and Indigenous peoples are using
various media to create new landscapes of knowledges, to stymie their
production or to reproduce old antagonisms. The role of anthropologists in
translating between police and corporations in land/resource conflicts.
Other foci are welcome.

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