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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

CASCA-AAA joint meeting in 2019/Colloque conjoint CASCA-AAA en 2019

CASCA-AAA joint meeting in 2019

CASCA is pleased to announce that together with the AAA (American
Anthropology Association), we will hold a joint conference November
20-24, 2019, in Vancouver, British Columbia. This conference will
allow for the development of multiple forms of collaboration between
the two associations. We are grateful to the joint committee whose
work was critical to the getting the conference off the ground.
Conference details forthcoming.

Colloque conjoint CASCA-AAA en 2019

La CASCA (Canadian Anthropology Society/Société canadienne
d'anthropologie) et la AAA (American Anthropological Association)
tiendront un colloque commun à Vancouver, BC du 20 au 24 novembre,
2019. Ce colloque permettra de multiplier les possibilités de
collaboration entre les deux associations. Nous remercions le comité
conjoint qui nous a permis de le mettre sur pied. L'appel sera diffusé
selon le calendrier habituel.

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