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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Statement against Misogyny and Gendered Violence

Dear Colleagues and Friends from the Dalhousie community, and
university communities across Canada, or beyond,

I am one of the originators of the public statement against misogyny
related to the Dentistry school gendered violence issue at Dalhousie.
The statement is gathering support very quickly.

Please do have a look, and add your name (signing contact can be found
on the page) if you are in support. We've got to get this addressed
fully and correctly. We are seeking an Independent Inquiry among
other actions.

And then share this link widely. There is a place on the list for
Dalhousie community members (of any affiliation), and for folks from
beyond Dal to add their names and support.

Our aim is to help protect those most vulnerable, and to get our
institution on the road to fixing itself, and bringing an end to
gendered violence on our campuses, and in aid of campuses everywhere.

Brian Noble

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