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Monday, December 3, 2012

MA in Cultural Analysis and Social Theory

MA in Cultural Analysis and Social Theory, Wilfrid Laurier
University,Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Application deadline: January 15, 2013

The MA in CAST focuses on analyzing culture and theorizing the social
from interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary perspectives.Its core
faculty represent a diversity of departments and programs, including
Anthropology,Communication Studies, Cultural Studies, Global Studies,
Sociology, Languages and Literatures, Journalism and Contemporary
Studies, and Women and Gender Studies.
CAST arises from a commitment to provide an ongoing critical
perspective on social, institutional,and ideological practices that
shape and limit contemporary lives. CAST examines the complexity of
the forces and processes involved in the shaping of culture and
subjectivity. It allows us to examine how power and politics
are necessarily embedded in cultural systems, how categories such as
class, race, gender,sexuality, (dis)ability, and language are socially
constructed, and how meaningful and ethical agency is possible. CAST
aims to encourage critical thinking about the complexities of social
life and to provide a home for nourishing the kind of
thinking,teaching, and learning that fosters more discerning, ethical,
and democratic citizens.
The program has three designated *elds, with elective courses available
in each.

• Globalization,Identity and Social Movements
• Body Politics:Gender, Sexuality, and Embodiment
• Cultural Representation and Social Theory

Wilfrid Laurier University provides competitive funding packages for
graduate study. Fundingfor the MA in CAST typically comes in the form
of scholarships and Teaching Assistantships. Every effort is made to
ensure that TA-ships coincide with the background and/or research of
our MA students in Cultural Studies, Global Studies, Women and Gender
Studies, Communication Studies, and elsewhere.

For further information on applying to the program as well as details
on course offerings and faculty areas of research, go to:

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